Achaari Salmon

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This is my mother-in-law’s fish recipe and i’ve also used the exact method to make chicken. My husband jumps at any chance to have home-cooked fish.  Since, I don’t really like a fishy taste, I’m not a big seafood fan per se. This dish; however, is an exception to a fishy fish (haha) like Salmon. The spices from fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and  onion seeds mask the ocean smell to create a mouth-watering, husband-luring, spiced fish dish (I’m loving all the rhymes you can make with fish). It tastes the best with plain white rice, but fish lovers around the world can eat it with any type of carb 🙂


1.5 lbs salmon fillet (skin removed)

-wash the fish w/salt and vinegar to remove the overwhelming seafood smell, and marinate it in about 1.5 cups of yogurt and 1/2tspn of onion seeds for min 20mins – best if done overnight.

For the masala/baghar(tempering):

½ tspn fenugreek (methi) seeds

1/3 cup dried curry leaves (kari patta)

½ tblspn kalonji (onion seeds)

½ tblspn sauf (fennel seeds)

¾ tblspn rye (mustard seeds)

1 tblspn zeera (cumin seeds)

2-3 cloves

1tblspn black peppercorns


½ large onion

5-6 cloves garlic (not a full flower thing but the pieces)

1tblpsn ginger paste or fresh ginger

*all of the above mix in a blender*

1 tspn haldi

Chilli pwdr and salt to taste.


Heat 2 tblspn oil. When hot add the masala mixture and quickly add the onion/garlic/ginger mixture. Cook for 2 mins on high, stirring frequently.  Add haldi and chilli powder. Let cook covered on med high for few mins until oil separates. Make sure garlic smell is gone and add salt. If needed add sprinkle of water to prevent burning of spices.  Now increase heat and add fish and yogurt mixture. Cook on high for 1 min, then flip fish and keep cooking med high heat for few mins.  Fish cooks fast and it also breaks easy, so to “stir” it just kind of wiggle the pot around by holding the sides so the masala incorporates into the dish.  Turn off heat and garnish with cilantro and chopped jalapeños and ginger. Enjoy this SEAlicious meal! 🙂

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