My Top 5 Most Popular Recipes Of 2022

My Top 5 Most Popular Recipes Of 2022

In five months of testing, tasting, filming, and writing recipes to share with the people of the internet — these were my most popular.

In these last five months, I’ve written over fifty-thousand words, taken over a thousand photos, and filmed 775 video clips that have been edited, cropped, and stitched together for the videos that you see for each recipe. There were 12,807 of you that viewed my recipes in those five months, and the crazy part to me is that we’re only a little more than halfway through the first month of this year and there have already been about half that many visitors already. That’s a huge deal to me and so encouraging.


So thank you for being here, and for giving me a platform to share and express myself through food. Without further ado, here were my top five most popular recipes of 2022.

#5 – Homemade Garlic Knots

A photo showing a bowl of garlic knots.

Garlic knots are basically just garlic bread in knot form. They’re simple but so fun to tear apart and dip into marinara sauce. Whenever I make these for my family, they’re gone in minutes, and they’re even better if you stuff them with a chunk of mozzarella cheese.


#4 – Black Bean, Rice, and Cheese Burritos (To Fill Your Freezer)

A photo showing a black bean burrito that has been cut in half to show the filling.

I honestly have no idea how some food companies get away with charging around four dollars for a single frozen burrito at the grocery store. It boggles my mind when it’s just beans, rice, and a small amount of cheese in a tortilla. They’re so much better and more flavorful homemade, and it’s a fraction of the price. If you love burritos, you’ve got to try these.


This was my fourth most popular recipe for last year, which I think also says a lot about the current state of the economy and maybe which trends we might see more of over the coming year. Perhaps I’ll post a few more “fill your freezer” type recipes in 2023.

#3 – Penne Alla Vodka (One-Pot Pasta)

A photo showing a bowl of penne alla vodka, or vodka sauce over penne pasta.

I’m not surprised at all to see this on the list. The video for this was by far my most popular and was my first “viral” anything, ever. It got over two and a half million views altogether, which was just so crazy to me. I’m not sure if it was just because it has vodka in it, or if people just really love vodka sauce. Either way, it was a strange feeling but also really cool that so many people in the world watched a video that I made.


#2 – Fettuccini Alfredo (One-Pot Pasta)

A photo showing a bowl of fettuccini alfredo.

Who doesn’t love a creamy, cheesy fettuccini alfredo? One-pot pasta recipes are such a convenient way to make dinner and I just love how there are so many fewer dishes to clean up after. It’s no wonder why they’re so popular. There are a few more of these on my list that I’d like to share in the coming year as well.


#1 – One-Pot Spaghetti

A photo showing a bowl of this one-pot spaghetti.

I was a little surprised to see that my one-pot spaghetti recipe topped the list, but when I think about how people prefer convenience and simplicity it makes a little more sense. If you have the time though, you’ve got to try my vegetarian lasagna recipe, it’s so worth the time and effort.


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